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Interview with Lisa Rayam of NPR discussing the impeachment inquiry

The impeachment inquiry fueled by House Democrats continues to resonate in Washington — and all across the nation.

The process has certainly piqued the interest of young people who are politically conscious.

Are they becoming disillusioned or inspired by what’s happening in Washington?

Christian Zimm of the Buckhead Young Republicans and Jenny Besse, president of the Young Democrats of Atlanta, joined WABE’s “Morning Edition” host Lisa Rayam to share their thoughts on the impeachment inquiry.

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GA Republicans happy with Trump’s “unifying” speech

The clubhouse at a local apartment complex in Atlanta was quiet as three proud republicans watched their President make his second State of the Union address.  Christian Zimm, Kate Bernard and Andreya Komnenovich are members of the Buckhead Young Republicans organization.  

CNN "Van jones Show" Debate

Watch our President Christian Zimm on CNN on the Van Jones Show debate the 2018 Georgia's Governor's race and other national politics.

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